Web Development
Μethodology - Strategy - Visual Design

A great idea is nothing if it's not implemented correctly. On the Web, implementation requires knowledge, foresight, and experience. At IntelliSoft, we have assembled a technical team that possesses these attributes and is dedicated to actualizing great ideas.

Upon undertaking a new project, we don't decide IF it can be done. We decide how it should be done. Technology plays a key role in a comprehensive process in which we determine the appropriate technologies for a project based on several factors, such as in-house skill set, existing hardware/solutions resources that can be leveraged, and market availability of support. We follow strict development guidelines for producing flawless code and modular architecture. We feel that minute details are just as important as grand scale features. Subsequently, we provide clients with the necessary resources to develop enterprise applications that last and scale with your business.

On the technological forefront, we have programmed Web applications using many different technologies and are constantly expanding our technological depth and breadth. Our database-driven applications run against industrial strength databases from Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server.

We consider clients to be our partners. IntelliSoft proposes to enter into a full-lifecycle relationship with clients -- providing the services they need as their company and product offerings matures. These services include but are not limited to hardware/solutions growth requirements, potential employee evaluation and feedback, employee training, and ongoing site maintenance and updates


IntelliSoft's mission is to provide business solutions that balance strategy, visual design and technology. This is accomplished through a unique blend of Business Analysts, Information Architects, Developers and Innovative Designers. We partner with clients to transform their business in ways that increase their value.

A company's brand is one of its most valuable assets. For IntelliSoft, a brand is a sum of every customer interaction. That's why every customer interaction, be it in person, on the Web or other technology-mediated interface, will either build or erode your brand.

IntelliSoft has developed a process that adheres strictly to real business goals and real customer goals. This creates technology-based interactions that work, build customer value and brand equity


At IntelliSoft, 'Strategy' signifies a different type of consulting, led by our Business Analysis Group. Rather than focusing exclusively on the client organization, IntelliSoft is uniquely adept at merging our clients' needs and objectives with those of their customers.

Accomplishing this task requires a deft touch, knowing how to challenge organizations' often deeply held assumptions, and how to clearly identify the motivators from each side of a business interaction, distinguishing true requirements from varying levels of wants and needs.

Once these central goals are identified, every pixel of design created is directly traceable to real business goals and user needs. This creates web-based interactions that work; closing sales, giving customers what they need, orchestrating positive interactions -- the building blocks of a valuable brand.

Visual Design

IntelliSoft's designers offer more than just creative excellence. Our team works within the IntelliSoft process to produce the right visual design to meet your business goals.

Design begins with ideas -- creative concepts that drive both the message and the design. Every company has something very exciting and unique about its products or services, and outstanding design helps distinguish your business from others. At IntelliSoft, we work to understand the essence of your business and translate it to the consumer in an effective, visually compelling way.

We discover the personality of your brand through a series of creative exercises. We'll quickly develop an understanding of your brand, products and services, and what makes them unique. We visualize this with you and build a framework of reference before we begin to create.

Beyond the Web

Our design expertise also extends to logo design and branding media. Using our web and print capabilities is an excellent way to tie your brand together, developing a global presence that matches your local one.