Nursery Management

PreSchool is an integrated and effective application for evaluating Citizens’ Applications for Infant & Children’s Stations of their Municipality.

It is the first On Line management applications for nurseries and kindergartens, which operates via browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), eliminating the administrative costs of applications' registration and evaluation.

Managers of the Stations register themselves the applications, with all the necessary checks being carried out by the application. As a result all the data exist without any errors and in real time in a single database. Then by using parametrically defined evaluation criteria, the classification of the applications occurs automatically.

The points awarded and ranking of request is made fairly by using the criteria reflected in the application.

PreSchool consists of a Web Business to Business (B2b) application used by nursery stations for citizens’ application registration and a Client / Server (C / S) application installed in the Legal Entity that makes the managing and applications’ evaluation

Access to PreSchool occurs through Certified Users, through a strong security system with coding data exchange. Access rights are defined by the Legal Entity. Any change in the system’s data is automatically recorded in a special file management (Log Files).

Emphasis has been given particularly to the checking algorithms provided by the application in order to help administrators entering data easy, fast and accurate.

Due to the advanced technology that is incorporated in PreSchool, new equipment purchasing by nursery stations is not required. Also special installations are not needed.

Although users do not need any special knowledge to use the application, they will always have the technical support they need, combined with a well written manual which will be provided to them.

Technical support and system upgrades occur via internet, to ensure speed and reliability in all services

Basic Features

  • Definition of different periods of use
  • Nursery’s Information listing (address, phone numbers, managers etc.)
  • Define departments per station
  •  Districts registration
  • Application registry per district
  • Predefined evaluation module
  • Users
  • Users’ Groups
  • Users’ rights
  • Children’s’ Register by Department and Nursery for each school year


  • Certificate Applications
  • Applications’ statistics per station
  • Aggregated Applications’ statistics
  • Children’s list per station
  • Children’s Register
  • Entries-Reentries tables

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