The informative System EasyCheck, is an integrated and effective system for recording attendance of your employees.

In more details, the application installs a system for recording the time attendance of the employees which consists of an electronic clock, recording staff attendance for each building.

A special card will be available for each employee that will identify the individual employee and the staff will use this card for entering and leaving the workplace.

All the electronic clocks can be connected through a network or internet and communicate with the application EasyCheck, giving daily information received by employees (input – output). Special printouts, checklists of staff presence, absence, delays etc. are provided.

Indicative, the application contains the following entities implementation:

  • Municipal Register of Employees: contains details of all the municipal employees (name, phone, photo, card number, registration number, etc.)
  • Hours/Shifts: working hours for each employee.
  • Departments: definition of working groups.
  • Record Attendance: list of recording attendance of employees of special machinery.
  • Process Synchronization through Internet (upload/download)
  • Recording Notes.
  • Special printouts of presence, absence, delays etc.
  • Users of the Application.
  • User Groups.
  • Permissions per User.
  • Other Parametric Tables.
  • Managements viewing presence / absence per day.