Municipal Activities Management

With the installation of the Integrated Management Information System Demos, the responsible legal entity of the municipality will be able to:

  •  Unify the different activities, which were until today manually registered, eliminating the margin of error
  • Optimize the inspection and collection of citizens’ subscriptions
  • Automate the delivery processes of financial information to the Municipality
  • Organize the departments according to the data records of citizens
  • Organize and control the time and cost of trainers
  • Organize the procedures of Legal Entity with reporting and forecasting capabilities
  • Improve Citizen care Functions
  • Connect On Line all Sport and Cultural Centers and enable centralized control and information
  • Expand the information system into the future because of its open architecture
  • Utilize elements for further processing if needed

Access to Demos occurs through Certified Users, through a strong security system with coding data exchange. Access rights are defined by the System Administrator. Any change in the system’s data is automatically recorded in a special file management (Log Files).

The direct cooperation, with the Demos application, offers the Android application Demos mobile which informs the trainers for the debts, the required documents and the member's attendances.

Emphasis has been given particularly to the checking algorithms provided by the application in order to help users entering data easy, fast and accurate.

Basic Futures

  • Citizen Card
  • Municipality Departments: Sports, Dancing, Culture, Painting, etc
  • Trainers
  • Linking each citizen with all the activities of the municipality by specifying all the necessary data needed (certificates, opening dates etc) for each activity
  • Citizens' contributions.
  • Parametric definition of each year's usage in order to achieve the best possible results
  • Activity Areas: Gyms, Schools, etc
  • Trainers' Programs: detailed records of their weekly schedules
  • Monthly Costs Estimation
  • Trainers' Activities Journal: records of data for all activities of each trainer
  • Comparing Results: by hours and costs, based on programs and the total amount of hours spent
  • Issuing Receipts of payment of citizens
  • Trainers' Payment
  • Aggregated Briefing of the Municipality based on citizens' receipts
  • Aggregated Payments' List by month, trainer and sport
  • Monthly Certification of hours of training
  • Social Workers' and helping personnel's data
  • Social Care Intervention Types
  • Recording of Social Care Recommendations
  • Recording of Social Care Interventions


  • Schedule per Locations
  • Schedule per Departments
  • Schedule per Instructors
  • Statements of Instructors’ hours
  • Statements of Instructors’ hours per Department
  • Attendance records for each instructor
  • Statements of Income (Sport & Culture)
  • Pending payments Statements
  • Monthly Payments Status
  • Members per municipality
  • Membership losses
  • Registrations and Attendance records
  • Expired Supporting Documents
  • Active members
  • Members List
  • Courts usage per Execution Venue
  • Export Data of late subscriptions
  • Export special statistics prints

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