About Us

IntelliSoft LTD was founded in June 2002 by a team of IT professionals all of whom had previous senior management experience in IT companies. The company's main occupation is the production, promotion and support of state of the art IT products as well as Vertical Software Solutions and Services.

Our aim is to provide companies with Integrated IT Solutions which are fully adapted to the needs of the Hellenic and generally the European Market.

The company's activities lie in the following areas :

  1. Installation and Implementation of Business Software.
    • Installation and Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) designed by our company or coming from the wide market.
    • Installation and Implementation of Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) designed by our company or coming from the wide market.
  2. Software development based on Client/Server Architecture and Internet (Web Enabled Software) designed by our company.
    • Software Solutions for specialized markets
    • Web Enable Applications B2B, B2C, Β2E
    • Web Sites.
  3. Provision of Professional Services.
    The services provided fully cover the needs of any IT project which requires Systems Integration and/or Software Development.
    • Consulting Services for the Project Management
    • Consulting Services for the integration of IT Systems
    • Installation, Training, Maintenance and Support Services

Our company is a certified member of the Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications Enterprises (SEPE) and Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ΕΒΕΑ).

IntelliSoft's partners are certified as Microsoft Certified Professional, in Operating Systems and Databases by Microsoft Corp.